Things I covet No.1

Just had lunch with my good friend Simon Spiteri (a true dandy if ever there was one). On the way back to my office we popped into Brooks Brotherss for a browse, and it was here I was reminded of my desire to purchase a really nice Chino cotton suit before the summers out. I’ve been going on about it now for over a year ! The plan was to get one made by Harry Woodrow of Multistorey, who runs a personal tailoring service.

Maybe I’ll stop the procrastination and get it sorted before winter rolls round again…………




I really want these tiles for my bathroom floor…… does anyone know a good tile source ?


Chris Cunningham

Do you ever see something and say to your self “I wish I’d made that”, well this Ad for Gucci by Chris Cunningham is one of those times…….


This week I went to Antwerp and Brussels for the first time, although the weather was beautiful and the train station at Antwerp was quite amazing, on the whole I couldn’t say there was anything that stood out in particular. There are some very nice antique shops (most of which do not open on mondays – the one day I was there) and a museum of Modern Art, which was showing the designs of local fashion heros. I never knew so many designers came from such a small city, Raf Simmons and Margiela to name a few.

However the thing I was most excited about seeing was the new “Herge” museum – creator of Tin Tin. Unfortunately I allowed myself to place to much faith in the technology of Google Maps, and believed it would be easy to find once we got to the centre of Brussels. On arriving at Midi station, we find out the museum was housed in a small village 50k away, which would have cost €90 to reach by taxi.

Hopefully one day i’ll make it back………

herge museum


Mick Jones Memorabilia

Unfortunately I missed this recent exhibition of Mick Jones memorabilia collected on the road since the early days of punk until now. Judging by the images published online this was a pop culture paradise……….. Hopefully he’ll see fit to put the show on the road.