Taxi Disney

found on Nerdcore…. not laugh out loud funny but, its Taxi driver what ya gonna do?


I ♥ My Mum

Be sure to check out Nichola’s special mothers day videos on the Food Network today….Dont forget to press the ‘like’ button :)

Pan-Fried Gurnard with Cornish Mussels and Clams

Deconstructed Rhubarb Crumble with Ginger Cream

Quoted in the Observer

I was recently interviewed for an article in the Observer, about the influence of celebrity on Fashion…. read the full article here: Alexa Chung: the forces that move fashion

I Did This No.4

Those of you that know me, will be aware that I have been trawling through my boxes of old photos and scanning pics, too post on Facebook…. often to my sisters dismay !

It was on this nostalgic journey that I found these images from the ARTOMATIC space I designed and managed, many moons ago in the late 90’s. Looking back at some of my interior decisions, it seems funny to think that many things which are in some respects design cliches now, where seen as radical (and to some inappropriate) back then. Exposed galvanized tubes for lighting tracks, cow shed lamps, museum plinth displays, raw MDF and untreated cardboard packaging/stationary, rubberized floors and table tops, and lets not forget common street paving slabs for the reception floor…….

The french postal sorting units, have since made there way to liberties, and who knows what happened to my Donald Judd inspired paper sample shelves !

A true first, which I am still very proud of to this day, all pictures are modeled by the lovely Tabitha……

The Rumpus Room

I love this simple marketing piece from The Rumpus room (the best part, of what was Tomato), its a seamless communication that has an appeal that reaches the game playing demographic of the Wii kind, and fans of pop culture alike. The perfect marriage of technology and idea………And probably the most authentic brand endorsement, i’ve seen from a commercial artist. If only the powers that be allowed us to do something as clever with Rhianna, rather than a live youtube cast !

Quote…….. “The Rumpus Room’s newest technological landmark is the TVC & music video for Xbox 360’s new singing game LIPS. Working alongside Global Productions and director ‘Caswell Coggins’, the multi-format, multi-platform campaign brought thousands of people around the UK singing Lily Allen’s hit single, “The Fear”, into a world where they sing together with Lily herself.”

The New English Dandy

Now available in paper back (on its third print run I believe) is The New English Dandy, I just thought I would take a trip down memory lane ………… nostalgia prevails (must be the weather)…… and share with you a glimpse of my slimmer ‘Neo Modernist ?’ past……..

Healthy Yummies

Our website finally went “live” today for Niks catering company…… its been a long time coming, but every thing is falling into place……. With the hectic festival season behind us, we have the decadent Christmas season to look forward to.

I’m sure i’ll be donning my tuxedo before long to help serve champagne at some event, or simply do a spot of washing up !

So if you need a caterer get in touch…..