Geoff McFetridge

Meet Geoff McFetridge last night at his exhibition private view @Ivory & Black in Soho. He was a really funny and charming man, and very generous with his time, giving my star struck nephew (his a big fan of the Beautiful losers film) a tour of his work.

I love it when someone who you admire turns out to be a real gem, he also has exceptional taste in clothes :)


If like me your more familiar with his more pattern based & commercial portfolio, then this will be a pleasant diversion for you its on until the 26th of October so you have plenty of time.

Thank you to RUI  DA PAZ LOURO from the gallery for the introduction.


2 thoughts on “Geoff McFetridge

  1. I wish I’d had a awesome Uncle Mat, my uncle used to hang me over the edge of Brighton pier until I darn near soiled myself. Funny thing is, if you and Mon. McFetridge went —like— skinny dipping and mixed up your clothes in the rush to get dressed, who’d be any the wiser?

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