Probably the best vacation in the world…

I’m not big on holiday breaks, although i have travelled extensively i find it hard to relax on the beach, and tend to worry about responsibilities back home, and i’ve never been one for saving to go away… lame i know!

But Godard’s Pierrot Le Fou , looks to me like the ideal getaway …. so good in fact, it wouldn’t matter if i never came back.

Now if only I could Carpe Diem

2 thoughts on “Probably the best vacation in the world…

  1. I love being on holiday but the arrangement, from booking stuff to packing, really bums me out. As beautiful as Anna Karina is, I could also do without wrapping dynamite round my head at the end of break too. Le Fou is just great, the tipping-point for Godard between style and diatribe. While À Bout de Souffle is a road movie in stasis (Belmondo just can’t get going), in Le Fou the road proves too prescriptive and Ferdinand drives off, straight into the sea. Carpe Diem indeed.

    “In delay there lies no plenty… Youth’s a stuff will not endure.”

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