Daily Peanuts….. on my Birthday


6 thoughts on “Daily Peanuts….. on my Birthday

  1. Due this Friday, or maybe sooner… who knows! I keep drumming a military tattoo with my fingers just to ratchet-up the tension round here. You’ll be bound to get a text with the meaningless stats (esp. weight) but still no name/s… we’ve given up trying.

    1. Mat underwood has a nice ring to it :)

      Praying for you or meditating at least, i’ll be on the first train out

      big kiss to Lisa


      1. Seeing as you asked on this post I’m answering on this post. He did arrive last Friday, seriously huge (poor L) and with a full head of gingerish hair! I managed to register him at the GP without a name but he’ll need one sooner or later; which would you chose between Eli or Ira?


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