Someone has put the full length version of BABYLON online, so i had to share with the uninitiated!!!!

Filmed in the the early 80’s in and around Deptford & Lewisham, South East London (my manner), this film is one of the best representations of life in London at the time. Dreads with cockney/patwa accents, none of this foe american nonsense you hear wafting along the streets today.

Featuring the Jah Shakka sound system, (true rockers) who used to hold regular bloc partys on Hilly Fields and Moonshot park, with the speakers pilled on top of my cousins flat bed lorry – which he also used for delivering fizzy drinks, back in the days when we returned the bottles for our deposits!

A few years back it, came to my attention again, when Brinsley Forde (the lead character) of ASWAD fame, did a performance of the Can’t Tek No more track, with Dizze rascal on Later with Jools Holland.

If you’ve never seen this take the time, its well worth it guy… LION, LION.


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