Tupac@Coachella 2012… Blaxploitation Version 2.0

I’m not sure how I feel about this innovation in holographic projection technology being used to ‘Raise the Dead’ for the financial gain of a record label and not the artist’s creative vision? – Unless you CAN take it with you, in which case kudos to Tupac for earning from the grave, when the living are struggling through recession … Maybe the rumours are true, he’s alive and this is Tupac’s virtual meat puppet‘s premiere on the scene – Reserve tickets now for a “More dead than Alive” global tour.

The thing that has my “morale sensors” twitching, is the fact that this isn’t some old found footage being shared with adoring fans. Its a computer generated ‘likeness’ controlled by some faceless marketer (I know the irony in this statement), giving us there rendition of a Tupac performance – A kind of space age marionette Karaoke.

Endorsed by Snoop, the audience is swept into an enormous leap of faith, and encouraged to believe Tupac would be compliant in his ‘artistic legacy’ being manipulated in this manner.

I know Hip Hop is all about the Benjamins these days, but this just feels wrong… ethically that is!

Maybe i’m over reacting, nobody seems to mind the animatronic Presidents at Disney ….. Obama performs there every day, and he isn’t even dead yet…. Not physically anyway.

But, I guess I’d still rather watch a Star Wars kinect version of Tupac any day, then endure a Drake the Canadian Gangsta with vocoder, assault on my senses…


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