The most outstanding fact…. we are all made of stars

Call me an old hippie but….Short film by Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson


2 thoughts on “The most outstanding fact…. we are all made of stars

  1. So I am suppose to believe that out of nothingness matter created itself ? How? For what purpose and why? Then after billions of years of evolution we still end up with murder, rape, hate, genocide and the Kardashians. Some thing has gone incredibly wrong along the way here! I think some other forces must come into play for this to make any sense. Years ago I watched a documentary on PBS called Shake Hands with the Devil, about the genocide in Rwanda. If you watch it today you will actually feel coming through your flat screen a force of pure evil unlike anything from any horror movie ever made. What you feel is evil incarnate. How it something like that explained? In the end for me this clip while interesting answers nothing.

    1. wow intense feedback, i appreciate your search for meaning and reason. for me i don’t know if all actions have a justification or purpose…. to me it is what it is. I guess some people take solace in the belief of a higher being, with a grand design. I hope you find the answers your looking for.

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