Art I like No. 31………. Robert Del Naja

Highly under estimated in the world of graffiti, turned fine art (now that everyone has an opinion, 30 years since it landed on our shores) is Massive Attacks 3D… other wise known as Robert Del Naja.

Long before Massive Attack, and the Wild Bunch days, I remember 3D and the Bristolian crew, taking on our Chrome Angelz at Londons Jubilee Gardens – now the home of the London Eye – at some early 80’s summer Hip Hop event put on by Tim Westwood, as part of the Rapattack festival created by the Shaw theatre in Euston.

While later generations such as Banksy seem to have captured the imagination of contemporary art fans, 3D’s work slowly matures. And in my mind is some of the best examples of the spray can medium.

Chrome Angelz

The Wild Bunch


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mat bickley

Creative Director, Art Director, Project Manager, One time Artist some time Designer all round Visionary. I'm not that pretentious honest !

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