I love this guy …… Hennessy Youngman

Damien Hirst the “the Bono of the art world” ……. best quote “money is his medium” Jokes.


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mat bickley

Creative Director, Art Director, Project Manager, One time Artist some time Designer all round Visionary. I'm not that pretentious honest !

2 thoughts on “I love this guy …… Hennessy Youngman”

  1. Now, that is funny. SHARK-FAAACE! For another Damien Hirst post why not dig those pictures of you and the other guerrilla art guys playing Twister on a spot painting after breaking into in the Surrey Docks Freeze warehouse in the early 1990s? Erm… is this libellous?

    1. wow completely forgot playing twister on a damien hirst spot painting….. god knows where those pics are, or the painting for that matter

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