Stephen Lawrence 04/01/12

Today I witnessed first hand the sentencing of 2 of the 5 suspects in my cousins murder trial.

Sitting in court 16 of the Old Bailey watching the vacant faces of the convicted, my feelings and thoughts where blank, almost like I was having an out of body experience. I made my peace with Stephens death many years ago and vowed to live my life without allowing the killers and their poison to guide my thoughts or emotions any more than they already had, in the years that passed after they took Stephens life… I never thought this day would come, and so never allowed my self the hope of believing it actually might.

Justice it would seem isn’t blind, but rather slow and myopic in its outlook. Following the tides of political agendas, in keeping with the culture it reflects, and endemic of the communities it represents. Its taken 19 years to get to this day. And had it not been for the pressure of media attention applied by my family, which continued to stoke the flames of public outrage, the times and political agenda would not have ‘evolved’ to a place that resulted in todays conviction.

So Luke, Jamie, and Neil be certain that the slow to react agenda, that has given you your liberty all these years, has gone through a radical transformation. Recession hit Britain still licking its wounds from a summer of unrest, won’t continue to turn a blind eye. Justice is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity to help heal the wounds of our society.

As the judge said today in court, “Just as advances in science have brought two people to justice, I hope the police will be alert to future lines of inquiry, not only based on developments in science but also information from those who have been silent so far,” Meaning the police have been given every ‘concession and resource available’ to pursue you with rigour!

Get your affairs in order, your time is finally coming…


15 thoughts on “Stephen Lawrence 04/01/12

  1. Hi Matt – Tracy posted your comments on FB – Wanted to thank you for these great words from your heart and to all you family for being so determined and dignified. Justice & Truth have finally been and will be worth the struggle. It’s as if your cousin is somewhere now willing a massive growth in humanity. And so many London people are behind you all, as you say to heal the wounds, to restore faith in all our humanity. I remember, way before I knew Tracy, asking a woman on a train why she was wearing an orange ribbon. She was surprised I didn’t know. I barely knew the story of Stephen then, only that there had been a demonstration and that he had been killed by racists. As you say – times have changed and information is shared. Apart from changes in media, it’s mainly your family who have made the change. So much pain to have suffered, such great causes made by standing up for justice and not being defeated. Amazing and great.

    1. Thank you, its a weird privilege and honour to bare, being at the epicentre of what is essentially a universal story of fear and loss. The last few days have reminded me just how much i’ve bottled up over the last 2 decades, and in some ways facing these demons again has been so much harder than i ever expected…. knowing how important it is to people, and receiving words of support help immensely …. got to love the internet for that :)

  2. the last few days have been very emotional for me, as a part of the generation that has lived through the changes that you speak of. Stephens story and your families fight are something very personal to me, and represent something i lived through in my own way, and i know there are many people who feel exactly the same. Thanks for sharing this, and i hope with all my heart that justice is fully served sooner rather than later, so that more importantly your family, but all of us can be at some kind of peace with Stephens memory.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, its always important to remember underneath it all we have more in common as human beings, than the things that separate us as cultures. celebration, love and understanding will always be the key, hopefully all societies will wake up to this simple truth one day.

  3. At last some sign of the justice system working albeit it a bit late. These are things we sat in for and demonstrated for in the 60’s. The inertia of the young generation has always surpirsed me time to call the shots and have a voice. Stephen rest in peace and may god look over you. To his family, we are behind you and praying to God that the rest of the guilty get their just desserts and if not, that their lives are forever blighted by guilt and having to look over their shoulders.

  4. Thank you Matt, your words make me weep, give me strength & inspire me. Im relieved the Lawrence Family has got a bit of justice. There dignity has been an inspiration throughout! We as a species are capable of so much & so destructive at the same time. Tell your truth & be loving to people who need it! Love Always. Jim xxx

  5. Obviously thoughts here have been with you and yours even more than usual these past couple of weeks, though I struggle for words. I know how you’ve been exhausted over the years and a fraction of justice so late-in-the-day could never be cause for celebration, but certainly for hope. The elapse of 19 yrs. struck me especially when I failed, at first, to recognise the faces of the accused/condemned. I don’t agree with some assessments that say some good will result from this injustice, no one need die for a fairer society. This being said, you can be truly proud of your family, whose dignified grief and articulate anger have driven change if only through shame… their reluctant public profile has become the conscience of the nation. Love, as always. X

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