Ginger Mick…… Casuals

I couldn’t give a stuff about football or the casual movement….even though like most style conscious teenagers growing up in London in the 80’s I definitely loved the clobber. Diadora golds or Nike bruins were a must have and a Fila Dila or Sergio Tacchini track suit were the holly grail for every one in my school who thought they were a “face”.

For me it was never about the football…. Millwall were my local team, who can blame me. Instead for me and my peers it was the uniform of graffiti writers and the corner stone of the British Hip Hop movement, something I was deeply involved in, and could relate to much more than the meat heads trying to beat me up at Lewisham shopping centre.

Regardless I am a big fan of Mick and the things he has achieved over the years since I first meet him, when we worked together at Duffer…. nice to see a friend getting the recognition they deserve.

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