I’m Moving to Detroit

Another great example, of how a brand can get it right with their communications strategy, if they look beyond the conventions. Palladium former manufacturer of French Foreign Legion boots (and once a mid 80’s wardrobe stalwart) has produced a series of films about forgotten or invisible spaces in time and mass culture.

Each movie is hosted by a different “Explorer”, so don’t be put of by Johnny Knoxvilles tour of Detroit, He seems relevant for the target audience. And in fact is the only celebrity guide used in the series. One of the other movies in the series a little closer to home, was lead by Matt Mason author of “The Pirate’s Dilemma”, who takes us on a tour of Britain’s Pirate radio culture.

The product placement is very subtle, indirect and definitely not the focus of the films – big brands take note – this is one of the best way’s to address the communities you want to reach !

Credit to VBS, who produced this series…… Vice has definitely come a long way.

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