Pee Wee Hermans Back

Pee Wee Hermans back…. its been way to long.

I was obsessed by Pee Wees playhouse when I lived in the states. I collected the figures (although i never did get the the much coveted plush arm chair) i remember the King of cartoons figure was always in abundance on the shelfs of Wall-Mart. I guess old black royal action figures werent very popular in late 80’s Florida!

I still cant beleive that Pee Wee’s play house was syndicated all over Republican America on Saturday morning, as part of the roster of kids tv shows ! The amount of stuff that must have just been over the sensors head ! You can keep your Mighty Boosh, I’ll take Jambi’s meka leka hi meka hiney ho every time.

Anyway this new stage show looks brilliant, worth making a trip to New York for…….Hopefully it will travel to London, I wonder if Laurence Fishburne will reprise his role as Cowboy Curtis……………Tequila


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