RIP uncle Bill

I was recently fortunate enough to attend on behalf of my family, the funeral of one of my dad’s oldest friends ‘uncle bill’ as me and my sisters called him. He was a mainstay of family life, and visited our house every friday evening with out fail for most of my childhood. It was probably through spending time with uncle bill, going to museums and mastering the art of making blistering hot tea (he was very particular on the art of making tea, almost Japanese like in his obsession) that I developed my passion for the military arts…..even at that young age it was all about the image for me.

At the funeral I was reminded of my uncles vast military collection, and in particular his SS officers ring which he wore at all times, and never missed an opportunity to mesmerize me with stories of how it was removed from the hand of senior nazi post battle in the war……it never once occurred to me that he probably found it in some antiques fair whilst collecting other ephemera.

Dont get the wrong impression he didn’t have swastikas hanging in his home, and he definitely wasn’t a fan of the little man with a stupid tash. He did however inspire a bizarre obsession for all things from the army in the Hugo boss suits, which has stayed with me until now. It’s not his only legacy but one I will always remember and im sure he would enjoy me keeping alive. Rest in peace uncle bill.

he loved this……..

……and this in equal measures.


One thought on “RIP uncle Bill

  1. Lovely tribute, I think Bill would be pleased that he left such an impression on you. Philip was very happy to see you.

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