My Sister Doin Rude Gal Ting

Back in the mid 80’s whilst I was still wallowing in a pit of teenage angst and despair in American high school. Buying copies of BLITZ magazine for $11 (to put it into perspective I was earning $2.50 an hour washing dishes after school) in order to feel tenuously connected to a life in London way more interesting than my own in Florida.

My sister seemed to be the coolest thing since sliced bread, she had all the gear…. Leather bomber jackets, large belt buckles, ripped 501’s, doc marten shoes with obligatory Grolsch lid etc….. she was on the list at every club venue in London, Hung out with ‘famous people’ and had regular appearances on dance shows like Solid Gold,The Tube, UK Soul Train…. She was my hero !

Recently she reminded me of this fact, by sending me a link to this Roxanne Shante video she appeared in……she’s the one with the pirate bandana, looking rather well to do in comparison to her cohorts….. Love you Tracy x


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