Style Guru hall of fame No.8 ………. Jean Seberg

This weekend I read a really good article on the 50th anniversary of Jean‑Luc Godard‘s movie, Breathless. And I was reminded of my college infactuation with Jean Seberg, my best friend had the poster on his wall with the now infamous ‘Herald Tribune’ shirt. Which apparently created a trend, never seen before…….. women in printed t-shirts !

Jean’s hairstyle and attire in A Bout de souffle, captured an era and sparked my imagination. As cool as Jean-Paul Belmondo was in the movie, it was Jeans American out of place in uber chic Paris, that pulled me into the world of Godard, and an ongoing obsession with all things Parisain. From Jean Prouve furniture to the Gainsbourg clan, Clignancourt market and everything inbetween………. It’s for this reason Jean makes it into the guru Hall of fame.


2 thoughts on “Style Guru hall of fame No.8 ………. Jean Seberg

  1. What a wonderful posting recollecting Jean Seberg through image and interview. It transported me back to a time when I was deeply immersed in French culture. And at age 17, I spent a summer in the Quartier Latin in Paris living the carefree life of une petite parisienne… A bout de Souffle was utterly iconic at that moment! Thank you for a few moments of reverie!

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