Malcom McLaren R.I.P

Last night Malcolm McLaren Passed away after a long battle with cancer, I found this collection of clips from the southBank show which was created in 1984, around the same time of the launch of FANS, which featured the track Madame Butterfly. Interesting to think that he was only 37 in this series of interviews, 2 years younger then I am this year !

Much misunderstood, and a major influence on my impressionable young mind. I remember my best friend and I trying to customise our crappy BoomBox from Comet, with his dads deer antlers and some model spray paint from Beaties toy shop in Lewisham. Obviously we had heard of the Sex Pistols, more from reading 2000AD then from Top of the Pops.

But it was the world famous Supreme Team & Buffalo Gals, that lead to my discovering acts like The Rock Steady Crew, which in turn set me on the course to being a life long lover of 80’s Hip Hop culture.

Read this simple Eulogy from the NY Times for some insight into his many accomplishments.

Cash from Chaos no more R.I.P

Malcoms last words…….”Free Leonard Peltier.”


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