Fit for a king………Tubby

Just went for my second suit fitting today at Mellor Woodrow, I must say its coming along very nicely. Its made from a medium weight olive drab cotton drill, with a duck egg blue shirt fabric lining, and red piping detail.

I’m particularly pleased with the embroidered name patch on the inner pocket.(even if Nichola thinks that makes me a perfumed ponce)

A few more weeks to go and I’ll be stepping out in style…….. Also check out the extra deep waist band sweet !


3 thoughts on “Fit for a king………Tubby

  1. Hi,
    I have checked out your blog it looks really nice, have you guys got a shop now ?
    You should look at our catering site, similar vibe, p.s. i’ve added you to the blog roll so if you feel like reciprocating i wouldn’t be offended :)

    1. Have added you Mr! Will check out healthyyummies. We don’t have a shop – yet. Think we might do an Etsy store to start off with and then get the real bricks and mortar once we’ve practiced online and set up the property Greg bought in the country! X

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