Bad Brains

BAD BRAINS see more here……….


4 thoughts on “Bad Brains

  1. That’s funny, I was with you when I bought a copy of Quickness from Barrowlands Market in the early 90s. We were a bunch of freezing cold London students visiting a performance art festival in Glasgow. You bought a huge Joseph Beuys coat… you were warm, I was jealous. Can’t remember the art though.

    1. ed… where have you been brother

      i cant remember the art either…i remember the tram shed, and i think we saw derek jarmans ‘blue’

      miss you mate

      1. Strange you should ask, this is my 1st night spent living outside London. Obviously it’s strange so far, but more importantly we missed each others 40th! We will HAVE to make amends cos I miss you too… though, in the meantime I’ll just bombard your wonderful blog with more irritating comment. Love to Nik.

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