Style Guru hall of fame No. 2 ………Steve McQueen

Probably a little obvious to state, but then again cliches are such for a reason. With the re-emergence of brands like The Real McCoy’s,(they have a whole range including toys dedicated to Steve) and all things Retro Americana…….. You could be forgiven for thinking putting Steve in guru hall of fame is like putting a Tarrantino poster up in your student flat………… Naff ! (or for my older readers………. Betty Blue)

Well, I dont care and spurred on by my recent discovery of these images on, I’ve decided he makes number 2 on the list. He had it all the swagger, the charm and towards the end a hermit like outlook/attire which seems to be the inspiration behind many a bearded folk like wardrobe vibe…

And from François Gragnon………


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