Basquiat by Lee Jaffe

I love this set of images by Lee Jaffe, depicting a young and very healthy looking Basquiat in action. There is an honesty and degree of intimacy here, thats shows Basquiat in a rather light hearted frame, which I’ve never seen depicted before……….

In my younger days at art school I really wanted to be like Jean-Michel, I had scrappy dreads, I wrote my history papers on him, and even went through a phase of wearing suits whilst painting…….. Inspired by the image below (ah the vanity of youth) I cringe now, but at the time I thought I was uber cool !

But this year I took my fandom one step further, and to commemorate (or is it commiserate) my 38th year on this planet I had the crown icon tattooed on my neck by my friend Charlie Shazer……

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