Mr Ben

Festing Road, in Putney, south London, have erected a placard to celebrate the children’s TV character Mr Benn. The creator David McKee lived there in the late 1960s and made it Mr Benn’s home address.

Im not quite sure where my obsession for the rag trade came from, it may have been the shopping excursions with my mum, when she would take me out of school to go down to Petty Coat Lane, and Oxford St, to help her select new outfits……… And more importantly my own ! (my mum was once a seamstress for Ossie Clark, but thats another story)

However I’m guessing like many kids of my generation my passion for dressing up was fueled by the adventures of Mr Benn and the mysterious shop keeper. I’m glad he is still being celebrated, and I look forward to one day sharing him with future generations.


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