Style Guru hall of fame No.1 ………. Sidney Poitier

I thought I’d start this section of my blog, with one of my hero’s….Mr Tibbs… Earlier this year President Obama presented Sidney Poitier with the Medal of Freedom, supposedly the highest honor an American can receive. This accolade struck me as particularly poignant, because quite simply without Mr Poitier, the concept of a black President would be inconceivable in the collective conscience of the American public. I cant quite express this mans importance in the history books. His movie portrayols of a black man struggling with the inequalitys of modern society, helped liberal minded americans form and shape there sympathetic arguments. And in doing so helped change the tied of popular opinion towards the cosmopolitan viewpoint we enjoy today. Take the time to delve into Sidney Poitiers’ back catalogue of filmic achievements between 1958 – 1969. Almost all of his films focussed on breaking down all social barriers which prevented racial harmony. The fact that he managed to lead these movies to our screens, is a testament to the mans power of conviction and dignity in delivery………… The fact that he did it with such style only adds another layer of Kudos to this tribute.







Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

To Sir, With Love

In the Heat of the Night

A Raisin In The Sun

Paris Blues

A Patch of Blue


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