I Did This No.3

Carrying on in this nostalgic loop I seem to be stuck in, I thought I would post this. I found this image in a random link sent to me from facebook. One of those big cartel online retail sites……. Anyway I digress the poster was specially commissioned by me, for an exhibition I curated at The ARTOMATIC + space. We had the honor of being on of the first spaces in the UK to give Frank Kozik a solo show, so in return he created this version of his now infamous “smokin bunny“. The show also featured a large selection of other smokin bunnies, my favorite of which was nazi bunny………..I guess you had to be there. (how many times can you say bunny) Frank also spent a few days, in our basement gallery painting a large bunny on board for the centre piece of the show. it was so big we couldn’t get it out afterwards………… It probably ended up in a skip, what a waste !

* I actually found out recently that this piece had been liberated by a former employee under the auspice that it had been gifted. They later tried to sale it on Channel 4’s “Four Rooms” with little success  – LINK HERE

The Private view coincided with my 29th birthday……. The Great Eastern Hotel was one of our sponsors, so along with giving Frank a room for the duration of his visit, they also gave me the Embassy Bar to hold a party. Michael Kopleman spun some tunes along with Fraser Cooke and Jeremy Healy who was experiencing a bit of a renaissance on the back of Bleachin……….. Good times indeed.



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