Boys Own

For the uninitiated Boys Own was at the epicenter of the London dance scene back in the day (as they say) and the bedrock of the ACID house scene that eventually dominated the world party ethos, and still defines dance/club culture today.

I missed most of the inntial club nights in the late 80’s early 90’s,(I lived in Florida, USA) but I caught up eventually. When not clubbing I spent most of my nights out at Cymons, Riki Tiks bar in Soho. Back when being a shop assistant by day (Hyper Hyper/Duffer) meant you could stay out all night, every night.

I recently found out the infamous BOYS OWN fanzine is being re-published in book format, with all 12 issues bound together in a plush design periodical.

Sensing a revival I was pleased to find this T-shirt which has been created by a small boutique label in Berlin called Firmament, and is distributed through an online store called the Glade.

Maybe you’ll catch me sporting it at the Cable party on the 3rd of October…….. Oh Oh Saveloy !



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