There was a time, when this seemingly innocuous “art piece” had my name and ARTOMATIC appear in virtually every periodical of note on the planet. For a while we rode a bizarre media wave which found my work appearing on panel chat shows in Japan, Italy, and France…… Where they called me a “enfant terrible” “an english upstart defecating on the french institution that is Louie Vuitton”. We actually made a series of bin bags which included pink gingham, and camouflage……… But no one really talked about those.

Any way the Roller coaster came to an abrupt end one day, when “the big label” allegedly had us shut down by customs and excise. (I’m being sketchy, I don’t want to open a can of legal worms again)

If you own one of these, they’re very rare. Mostly due to their nature………… they are bin bags ! But also because we didn’t actually sale that many, apart from to the press and rumor has it to Marc Jacobs. He apparently got one of his assistants to buy a load to use as wrapping for staff christmas presents.

If anyone can confirm this rumor let me know……….



3 thoughts on “I DID THIS NO.1

  1. I think I’ve still got a roll of the camo tape somewhere that you did, I know that one of my fishing ‘bait buckets’ is adorned in the stuff!

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