Earlier this week a colleague of mine sent me this video clip he found whilst looking for background footage for a rather mundane work project. (the magic of the internet to provide you with shocking results, for seemingly innocent requests) Apart from the obvious attributes of the models……. The thing we liked most was the lack of reaction from by-standers on the streets of Paris, reveling a truth we don’t like to face that often, the French are truly more liberal than us.

This video in turn lead me to the following link by a Brooklyn based duo called “Mat & Kim” ……. Spoiler alert, watch for the unexpected ending !

I liked these guys so much I went in search of more, and bought the album GRAND from I-tunes, (which has become an instant favorite) and is definitely one of those records I’ll be listening to constantly (one earphone only) whilst cycling around London.

My search for more lead me to this site GreenLabelSound, which would seem to be some kind of free music download site, which accompanies a group tour…… All of which seems to be a sub brand of Mountain Dew. I normally find this kind of corporate collaboration to be really cynical and poorly executed. On this occasion however, I have to say they really got it right !

The representation of the artists feels simple, honest, authentic and unpretentious. Enjoy the musings of Cool Kids and Flosstradamus…………..


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