Brian Eno

Brian Eno was another one of those dream collaborations, not so much because I was such a major fan of his music, but more because I was really enamored with his “legendary” creative status. (apparently he was also much more successful with the women than Brian Ferry – a rumor he neither confirmed or denied) I felt it was quite an achievement to convince him and the Brand, that the partnership was both appropriate and mutually beneficial.

The briefing process was a real joy, it’s not often you get to discuss “Art” in such an unadulterated (borderline pretentious) manner, and feel completely comfortable in the conclusions you reach together.

His studio in West London was more like a mad science lab, than a recording studio. And I felt very privileged to witness his process and working environment. I don’t really like the word Genius, but I think it’s a fair accolade to bestow upon him…………

Below is a short movie we created to explain the thinking behind the collaboration, in relationship to the product…… On the day Brian kept making me laugh as I tried to interview him. I was trying to get short measured responses for the film, but we struggled to find natural pauses. Elliott the director did an amazing job at sequencing the audio to get this rather poetic voice over from Brian…….



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