Frederique Daubal

When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure why, or what I would place online for the virtual community to peruse. I decided that maybe this was a good platform to showcase some of the collaborations, it’s been my good luck to develop over the years.

So the content below is some material from a collaboration I set up with French Designer Frederique Daubal. After being introduced to her portfolio whilst working at MILK, it wasn’t until many years later at Nokia, that I found the opportunity to commission frederique to work on one of our fashion (sic) ranges.

The Prism collection was a project that took almost 2 years to bring to fruition, part of this project was to create some decorative back plates that mirrored the aesthetic behind the product design.

Frederique was a real joy to work with, and also a very patient collaborator…… As I mentioned from initial talks to launch nearly 2 years !







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