Matthew Barney

What feels like many moons ago now I worked as an independent Project Manager with Artangel on the development and execution of Matthew Barneys installation at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton. This piece accompanied the screening of Creme Master 3, the final installment in the creme master cycle.

Up until recently I thought all these pictures taken during the installation, had been lost forever. Thanks to some fortuitous rummaging in the garage I found these images on a disc. Proof if it where ever needed I like to get my hands dirty too…….. From time to time.

I am a massive fan of Matthew and his work, and in all respects this project was a dream come true. I got to collaborate with someone whom until this point I had almost idolised. I have fun memories of this project……. In particular the tea meetings in Bjorks back garden, watching the sun rise from the front of the Ritzy as we battled against the clock to complete the installation, and creating a patent of some new form of petroleum jelly for the sculpture in the foyer.

If your not already familiar with his work, I highly recommend you seek it out…………..


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